Sandra Hyman Feigenbaum

My Sandy - A Life in Pictures
August 6, 1930 to August 8, 2007

Puerto Rico
In July, 1960 we planned a trip to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico with the Rappaports. We were supposed to go to the Virgin Islands for 3 days, and then to Puerto Rico. I got sick, so we canceled the trip and the Rappaports went alone. In 2 days, I was better, we re-booked, omitting the Virgin Islands portion. So, we were in Puerto Rico before the Rappaports. We went to the airport to meet them, waited until they had picked up their luggage, then came up behind them and welcomed them to the island, and, of course, handed them rum drinks, which all visitors to the island received.

July 1960

Her favorite Puerto Rican activity

Sandy and Marcia Rappaport