Sandra Hyman Feigenbaum

My Sandy - A Life in Pictures
August 6, 1930 to August 8, 2007

June 1952

My cousins, Freida and Abe Grand, owned a small hotel in Miami Beach and gave us 2 weeks there as a wedding present.  So, off we went for our honeymoon. Sandy liked the red convertible. She didn't know how to drive, but she could sure sit and look good. Looked good on the hotel porch, too.

Irene and Irving Feigenbaum were married the week after we were and received the same wedding present from the Grands. So they were there, too.

One of Sandy's girlfriends also married the week after we did. Her father owned the President Hotel in Miami Beach, so they stayed there in a huge room. Her husband, whose name I fortunately cannot remember, invited Sandy and me to share their room for the balance of our honeymoon. I wonder whatever became of them.

Sandy, Irving, Freida, Stan and Irene

We also visited the Rosenbaums; Dave, Shirley, Rosalie and Ida.