Sandra Hyman Feigenbaum

My Sandy - A Life in Pictures
August 6, 1930 to August 8, 2007

Things were going well. The kids were growing. I worked 6 days a week, so Sandy did most of the child-raising, parenting. After dinner, the boys and I would do a little rough-housing, until they got too big for me.

We went out with our friends on Saturday evenings. Sandy had lots of friends with children whom she saw regularly and telephoned frequently, Her parents came out every Saturday, and as the boys got older, Sandy was able to spend much Saturday time alone with her mother, generally shopping. Sometimes even buying stuff.

June 1965

Sandy always made birthday parties for the boys. This one is Richard's 7th, on June 25, 1965.
The boys were old enough so that we could plan some extended trips.

So, in July of 1965, we got in the car and drove for a while. 

To the Catskill Game Farm
 Glens Falls,
Gaslight Village, Lake George,

Fort Ticonderoga,

Fort Ticonderoga


Montreal, of course we went back 2 years later to see Expo67,


Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Old Dearborn Village

Old Dearborn Village

and Windsor, NY.

It was a good trip. We covered over 2,100 miles in about a month. Except for the first day, we didn't drive more than 120 to 130 miles at a time, and took days of sightseeing before getting back on the road. The boys developed a system for unloading the car at each motel. No muss, no fuss, no bother.

We didn't know it then, but it was the last extended trip for the five of us.